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AAA Down Under Pier Replacement offer essential building services to Home Owners.

Operating in the Hunter Valley where many of the original home foundations consist of sub-standard wooden piers, First Home Buyers, Property Investors, Renovators and Owner Builders alike enjoy a level of professionalism they have come to expect since 1995. These services include:

  • Re-piering Houses
  • House Raising
  • House Leveling
  • Underpinning

AAA Down Under Earthmoving & Civil Constructions perform a wide variety of enterprise-class services.

  • Excavations for Re-piering
  • Construction Foundations
  • Land Clearing, Dam Building
  • Earthworks

We also offer a wide range of specialised services including:

  • Brick Walls
  • Chimneys
  • Extension Footings
  • General Bricklaying
  • Concreting & Verandahs
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